Sunday, September 12, 2010


So I've recently come to the realization that if you give a shit about the whole world, you'll be worse off then not giving a flying fuck.

Additionally, I've seen that life in itself is too short to waste on stupid, unessential things such as cleaning weekly just to impress the people that are probably not going to come over anyway, or to impress your parents who think you're still trying to make something out of your life.

I'm jobless, living with my roomate, just scraping by. I planned on attending college, but instead I blew my money on a big ass trip around the world.

And you wanna know what?

It was the best 3 months of my entire god damn life.


  1. Man, I get everything you're saying.

  2. Live in the moment motherfuckers and follow the wind or some other poetic shit like that! Like the blog man also

  3. What is this "college" you speak about? :)
    Man fuck school, I work my ass off to go on a worldtrip as well. nice job on doing it.

  4. It's a disease of modern youth.
    no ambition
    no satisfaction
    no point
    no objective

    fuck...I am the same

  5. you know bro, thats exactly what i do, if you dont give a fuck about the shit thats gonna be useless in your life, you far better off, really far far better off then if you do. good blog, just supporting

  6. True shit man.
    Definitely following you, and showing some support.
    Keep it up! I'm in a similar boat, but I have a feeling we will both make it out alright.

  7. I partied hard as fuck until my mid twenties. Shit was sooo cash. Now I'm 30, and I think that I would be struggling less to lead a comfortable and happy life had I spent those years bettering myself and preparing for my future.

    ...But then again, shit was damn fun.

  8. Sooo true. Wish I could be more self confident and carefree

  9. awesome!

    following :)