Monday, September 13, 2010

Music Helps

Explosions in the Sky - First Breath after Coma
Some mellow shit bro.
I usually don't listen to just instrumental, but I made a special exception for this band.
I just laid down, thinking about stuff, listening to this. That's where my last post, Realization came from.

Like I've said, don't give a fuck about life. Eventually everything will work out. You don't have to be rich and famous, have all the money and possessions you want to be happy. You just need to live. Don't set goals high. Sure it'd be awesome to have money, but if I'm with my friends, I'm just fucking fine. People may look down on you for being like this, call you lazy, tell you to get a job. Fuck them. I'm happy the way I am, I don't need to have a decent income to be happy, I don't need to fit into society's standards. I'm being myself.
You should be too.
I'm not trying to sound like a fucking prophet or anything, these blogs help me more than they help you probably. Overall, the point I'm trying to make, once again, is don't give a shit. You'll live a happier life in the long run.

Sunday, September 12, 2010


So I've recently come to the realization that if you give a shit about the whole world, you'll be worse off then not giving a flying fuck.

Additionally, I've seen that life in itself is too short to waste on stupid, unessential things such as cleaning weekly just to impress the people that are probably not going to come over anyway, or to impress your parents who think you're still trying to make something out of your life.

I'm jobless, living with my roomate, just scraping by. I planned on attending college, but instead I blew my money on a big ass trip around the world.

And you wanna know what?

It was the best 3 months of my entire god damn life.

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Let’s look future generations and try to explain that it was good for the economy when they can’t farm the land, breathe the air and drink the water.

Look at society in a whole, see where we have come from, what we have become.